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    Generational Inequality & Capital:

    Interview with Geert Lovink

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Body Hair and Capitalism
November 2, 2016

In this performance Eline Floor expresses her body hair dilemmas, and explains it’s relation with Capitalist ideas. This performance was done…

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Meta-Fundamentalists on Facebook!
November 24, 2016

Meta-fundamentalists is now officially on Facebook! Yay. https://www.facebook.com/metafundamentalists   We try to gain a larger audience hereby, although we realize of…

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Generational Inequality and Capital: Interview with Geert Lovink
November 21, 2016

During this interview net critic, activist and founder of the Institute of Network Cultures, Geert Lovink, talks about generational inequality and…

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Why Millennials Should be Depressed (and hopeful?)
November 20, 2016

In this short clip Net Critic and Activist Geert Lovink explains why millennials should be depressed and what we can do…

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"The catastrophic impacts of climate change will be felt beyond the traditional horizons of most actors – imposing a cost on future generations that the current generation has no direct incentive to fix." Mark Carney of the Bank of England.
Digital Echo Chambers and the U.S. Elections
November 8, 2016

In this video essay, Jesse Kroon, digital media thinker, explains how ‘echo chambers’ created by algorithms on Social Media, cause bubbles…

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Redesign the Mind, not other Shit